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GAIA_TheSeries | EP.01
color, RT-12:00


Format: HD (Panasonic AF-100) – Web Series (2013)


Written, Directed, Edited, VFX & Co-Produced by: Chad Costen

Produced by: Skye Radies


Cast: Cole Vigue, Melissa Clark, John Prowse, Janessa Shae O’Hearn, Richard Meen, Bronwen Smith, Leanne Bolton, Naomi Anne Levi, John R. Taylor, Jordan Davis, Hillary McLean, Laura Lee Schultz.


Synopsis: Jacob is a misanthropic journalist whose long career has shown him what true horrors our species is capable of. As a result, his life has become as dark and empty as the grave he gladly awaits. But when GAIA, the spirit of the earth, wakes in 2012 it shares his perspective on the value of human kind and begins to eliminate the "human problem" by possessing our own technology. The Earth Spirit's simple goal is to wipe the slate clean. Yet, ironically, Jacob's brief encounter and resulting connection with the GAIA consciousness leaves him as the one soul that can save the human race. Then the real question becomes... should he?


GAIA_TheSeries | EP.02
color, RT-13:00


Format: HD (Panasonic AF-100) – Web Series (2013)


Written, Directed, Edited, VFX & Co-Produced by: Chad Costen

Produced by: Skye Radies

Co-Produced by: Thomas Emann


Cast: Cole Vigue, Jennifer Kosovic, Magda Apanowicz, John Prowse, Richard Meen, Scott Thorp, Lori Kokotailo, Evan Cough, Derek Lowe, 


Synopsis: When the spirit of the Earth possesses our own technology to eliminate the “human problem", the only soul that can save our species is a journalist who despises his fellow man.

CHAPTER-11 (3 Gates of the Dead)
color, RT-4:24


Format: HD (Lumix GH2) – Short Film Competition (2013)


Written, Directed, Edited, Produced, VFX & Titles by: Chad Costen


Cast: Cole Vigue, Naomi Levi


Synopsis: Entry to the 3 Gates of the Dead filmmaker competition.






- 3 Gates of the Dead competition (First Place – 2013)

- 3 Gates of the Dead competition (Audience Favorite – 2013)

color, RT-???


Format: HD (Lumix GH2 + GH4k) – NTSC  (2010 - 2015)


Written, Directed, Edited & Co-Produced by: Chad Costen

Co-written & Produced by: Timo Puolitaipale


Starring: Emma Karwandy & Dawson Dunbar


For More INFO, visit my MY MOVIES page.

color, RT-7:00


Format: HD (RED Epic) – NTSC Short Film (2014)


Directed, Edited, VFX by: Chad Costen

Produced by: Sona Mahajan & Chioma Okoye


Cast: Patrick Carlone, Letizia Vecchio, Scott Thorp, Matt Afonso, Michael Berube, Jagen Johnson.


Synopsis: Eddie Scarugi meets his fate on Christmas Eve, but SHE isn't quite the future he was expecting.




color, RT-2:22


Format: HD (Lumix GH2) – VINOS Short Film Competition (2012)


Cinematography, Editing & VFX by: Chad Costen

Directed & Produced by: Larkyn Statten


Synopsis: The Real House Wine ladies of Vancouver engage in clever wine-related gossip.






VINOS 2012 (First Place Winner – June 2012)

CONUCOPIA ‘Best of the Vinos’ (First Place Winner – November 2012)


WENDY 1968


color, RT-11:30


Format: HD (Panasonic AF-100) – Short Film (2012)


Written & directed by: John Prowse

Cinematography, Co-Direction & Editing by: Chad Costen

Produced by: Bronwen Smith & Laureen Smith

Co-Produced by: Skye Radies


Cast: Michael Kopsa, Forbes Angus, Kate Crutchlow, Dagan Nish


Synopsis: George, a retired WW2 RCAF pilot, is paid a visit by a hippie girl who is the daughter of his former Navigator… Or so he believes until opening a letter that could change him forever. 






color, RT-08:30


Format: HD (RED-4k) – Short Film (2012)


Written by: Nuno Soler

Directed by: Chad Costen

Produced by: Elsie Hutchinson, Gloria Bernal, Janelle Day, Sarah Boriskin, Enrique Vasquez Sanchez


Cast: Cole Vigue, Michael Perry, Zoe Alexandra


Synopsis: Alice finds herself fleeing the horrors of an apocalyptic Wasteland and is helped along by a pair of conjoined twin brothers because Tweedle-Dum simply wants to make a friend.






color, RT-02:00


Format: HD (Lumix GH2) – VFX live action scene test (2011)


Written by: Chris Walker

Cinematography by: Chad Costen


Synopsis: In a futuristic world a young woman tries to make a trade and is shot in the back. Her killer quickly gets what’s coming to him when she returns to life, revealing her cybernetic nature.









color, RT-00:30


Format: HD (Lumix GH-2) – Clearly Contacts Contest (2011)


Written by: Naomi Levi

Cinematography, Direction & Editing by: Chad Costen


Cast: Cameron Hicks, Naomi Levi


Synopsis: A guy hits on a woman in the library, but his moves are foiled by poor vision.








OUT OF THIS WORLD color, RT-03:00

Format: SLR (Panasonic GH-2) – Short Film VINOS (2011)


Written by: Timo Puolitaipale

Directed, Edited & VFX by: Chad Costen


Synopsis: An alien tries to take over the Okanagan Valley by stealing all their wine, but he is defeated by his own paranoia when he realizes the cases of bottled liquid are called Killer Juice.






color, RT-03:30


Format: SLR (Panasonic GH-2) – Music Video (2010)


Directed by: Chad Costen


Artist: Jordan Grant / Produced by: Mikal Grant / Cinematography & Editing by: Chad Costen / Costume Design by: Naomi Levi / Art Direction by: Natalie Van Hest / Song & Lyrics Written & Performed by: Jordan Grant


Synopsis: Music video for Jordan Grant’s original song Empty Bottles.


Website: ""







color, RT-11:00


Format: HD (RED-4k) – Short Film (2010)


Written, Directed & Edited by: Chad Costen

Produced by: Timo Puolitaipale


Cast: Emma Karwandy, Jeny Cassady, Bill MacDonald, Brenda Campbell, Guy Lockhart / Produced by: Timo Puolitaipale / Cinematography by: Steven Deneault / Edited by: Chad Costen, Courtney Taylor / Costume Design by: Lorelei Burk / Post Supervisor: Patrick Britton / Sound by: Jay Page, Post Modern Sound / Original Score by: Nhick Ramiro Pacis


Synopsis: Death touches a little girl's soul by granting her fondest wish on Christmas Eve.






- Township 7 (Audience Choice Award – November 2011)

- Burbank Film Festival (Best Actress Award – September 2011)

- LEO AWARD for best Makeup

- 7 LEO Nominations (Incl. Best Program - June 2011)

- Vancouver Short Film Festival (Audience Choice – October 2010)




- Township 7 – Denman Cinemas (November 2011)

- Burbank Film Festival (September 2011)

- Rendez-vous du Cinema Film Festival – BC Gold (February 2011)

- Indie Memphis Film Festival (October 2010)

- Vancouver Short Film Festival (October 2010)

- Celluloid Social Club – Christmas Event (December 2010)






color, RT-92:00


Format: DV - Independent Feature Film (2008)


Written & Directed by: Chad Costen


Cast: Daniel Leone, Kimara Brilling, Brian Davies, Zale Raine / Produced by: Nicky Forsman, Chad Costen / Cinematography by: Mike Sidic / Edited by: Courtney Taylor, Patrick Britton / Costume Design by: Lorelei Burk / Sound Design by: Melody Drolet / Original Score by: Nhick Ramiro Pacis


Synopsis: A story about the end of the end of the world as a result of humanity’s fear of itself.




SPECIAL NOTICE: The Coming has over 2.1 million Youtube views!







color, RT-00:30 (x3 10sec. Spots)


Format: HD (Lumix GH2) – Web Ads (2014)


Written, Directed, Edited, Produced & VFX by: Chad Costen


Cast: Naomi Levi, Scott Thorp


Synopsis: A lovable character named “The Larry Head” finds himself on a journey through three popular literary works that show just how important it is to have insurance!



color, RT-22:00


Format: HD (RED Dragon) – TV Pilot (2015) – In Development


Written, Directed by: Chad Costen

Produced by: Timo Puolitaipale


Cast: Magda Apanowicz, John R. Taylor, Ronald Selmour


Synopsis: The Music of Erika Zann is a musical Lovecraftian story about finding a sense of purpose in a dispassionate universe. 

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